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[COT]Stats, inscripts and what they mean for you!

Hey guys, this guide hopefully will help people determining which stats they want and which inscriptions they want to work for. A lot of this will based on my opinion, and therefor in many cases will be different from yours, but i want this to be a basic guide for people to get an idea of what each stat means.

Anyways, let's start out with the basic stats:

Agility- +2 critical, +2 accuracy, +2 dodge, +5 health points
Strength- +3 damage, +1 accuracy, +5 health points
Stamina- +20 health points, +5 defense, +1 Energy point, +1 block

As you see, agility and stamina actually boost your character more, because each point in each give boost to an addition stat.

And to the other stats i think are important:

HP Drain- each hit via normal attack or skill attack heals you. (100 HP Drain equals 1,000 life healed this way.)
EP Drain- each hit via normal attack or skill attack drains enemies EP, and you recieve this amount.
Block- Is the main stat to counter critical strikes. The higher the block you have, the less you are going to get critically hit.
Critical stike- A strike that goes critical appears in yellow, and is alot higher than your normal damage.
Critical Damage %- Makes your critical strikes hit alot higher depending on your dmg %.
Dodge- The main evasion in this game. Dodge makes the oppentent miss you entirely.
Speed- Makes your timer for attacks/skills faster.
Deflect- Reflects damage for each time you get hit by an opponent.
Sunder- Ignores opponents defense. (It goes more indepth than just this, but thats for another guide.)
Defense- the stat that dictates how hard you get hit. It is not the only variable for this, but the main one.
Healing- Increases how much your heals actually heal for.

(Some of the stats i left out because i either didn't think of them right off hand, or they are not as important as the ones i have here.)

Now that you know what the stats are, you probably are wondering what does these stats mean to me? Well, i will tell you in my opinion how they may help you!

Some stats are better suited for certian classes. I am not saying these stats are useless for the other classes, i am just saying that some are tailored for certian classes. The best example i can give would be Duel-wield type classes and HP Drain. All of their skills consist of multi hit combo's, and since HP drain triggers per hit, and not per skill, this favors DW's.

Duel-wield: This class is naturally the most favored class in popularity.

Pros: One of the faster classes in speed, because of a talent in their tree. All skills have multiple hits, (one doing 6 attacks, and their lv50 doing 9,) so stats like HP drain and EP drain are more effective. Has +25% dmg vs Polearm users.

Cons: Gives up 25% dmg to 2h weapon class. Weakest class for the (OMG, did you see that crit) factor.

Prefered Main stats: Agility, HP drain, dodge, critical strike, speed, block, poison
Secondary Stats: critical damage %, stamina, strength, Sunder

Polearm: All glam and glory! Biggest critical strike numbers.

Pros: Eats 1h class type up for lunch (25% dmg). Has the biggest crit dmg in game.
Cons: DW type has big advantage vs us. Sometimes to reliant on getting critical strikes.

Prefered Main stats: Agility, Crit DMG %, block, Strength, speed, critical strike
Secondary stats: Deflect, Stamina

(As of right now, i am not fluent in 2h or 1h specs, so i will leave this out and would love someone to write one and ill add it later.)
Ran out of time, will complete the rest at a later time as well.

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Reply 1# Shanksta

Two-handed: Pound them when they are down!

Pros : Great help against group pking. Can focus more on negative buffing and supports.
Cons : Lacking offensive skills, Passive skills can be irrelevant and unsatisfying.
         : Not too reliable against 1 vs 1.

Preferred Main Stats : Pumping up STR to produce huge amount of SUNDER ( THUNDER BLOW SKILL).  
                                 : More Sunder Scrolls.
                                 : STA to survive in group pking.

Secondary Stats : Critical Strike and Critical Damage
                           : AGI

Regardless of your own Style of Play, but i see Two handers is more of a SUPPORT.
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